Hockey Fury


hockey furyHockey Fury is a new two-player ice hockey game online with super cool cartoony graphics and very addicting gameplay. Do you like playing ice hockey with funny big headed characters? Then you will just love playing this game! In a long time there hasn’t been such an attractive and fun ice hockey game to play. Pick a difficulty level, choose one of the 16 top ranked national hockey teams and start playing a quick match or try to win a tournament. Use your mouse to play this game. Move your cursor around the rink and your player will follow it. Use your left mouse button to shoot the puck on the goal. Watch the icon in the bottom right corner, which is your special ability. Once it has been charged and is ready, use your space bar to activate it. Once you activate your special ability, your player will perform a super shot. Try to beat as many opponents as you can and become the champion in Hockey Fury online at!

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