Shutout Hockey


shutout hockeyShutout Hockey is a simple ice hockey game online in which you will become a goaltender whose mission is to block incoming shots and perform saves. Although the game mechanics might be simple, the gameplay difficulty is very hard. The incoming shots are super fast and you only have a split of a second to react. So, if you struggle with the speed of the game, you will need to practice a lot. Use your mouse or finger to play this game. Click on targets to move your goalie into directions and stop the incoming pucks. Try to be as fast as possible to make multiple saves in a row. Watch your current streak, saves percentage and other statistics displayed at the bottom of the screen. The remaining time and number of goals your opponent has scored is shown at the top of the screen. There is a time limit of 2 minutes. Lets see how many saves you can make in this challenging and fun goalie game online called Shutout Hockey!

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