Hockey Champs


hockey champsHockey Champs is yet another two-player ice hockey game online featuring funny big-headed characters. If you are a fan of other two-player games on our website, such as the Hockey Legends and Puppet Hockey, you will absolutely love this title! Select one of the game modes, pick a character and start playing a match. In the Single Player mode, you will compete against a computer controlled opponent. In the Two-Player mode, you will have a chance to challenge a friend on the same PC to see who is the better hockey player. There are seven characters to choose from. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to move your character around the rink. Press your Spacebar or Enter to shoot the puck. Try to hit the opponent’s net and score as many goals as possible to win the match. In the Hockey Champs game online, there are no power-ups or special abilities that will affect the gameplay, you just have to watch the time limit.

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