Hockey Hero


hockey heroHockey Hero, or also known as Winter Sports Hockey Hero is an online ice hockey game that will check your skating and shooting skills. There is a great ice hockey event waiting for you this winter! Choose one of the two available heroes, sharpen your skates and jump onto the rink. Navigate your hockey player around the field and collect as many golden coins as possible. 3 fierce opponent players will try to stop you using body-checks. Avoid those hits of the attacking players at all costs to approach the goal line. Compete against the goaltender for a chance to score a goal. Once you are in front of the goal, time your shot correctly to score. Use arrow keys or mouse button to control your character. The shot will be performed automatically. Do you have what it takes to win the competition and earn the gold medal by scoring in all 3 periods? Let’s find out in this super awesome hockey game online called Winter Sports Hockey Hero!

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