Hockey on the Nature


hockey on the natureHockey on the Nature is a very simple yet addicting ice hockey game online about playing in the nature. It’s nice to play hockey on the forest pond instead of a big arena ice rink. But it’s hard to play, especially when wild animals like deer, foxes, bears and wolves are running across the rink. Hit the puck and try to score as many goals as possible into your opponent’s net. Play the 1 player mode if you want to compete against the computer, or the 2 player mode if you like to compete against your friend on one keyboard. Press Exit in the game to add score (in one player mode and if you have more points than computer). Use your arrow keys as player 1 or W,S keys as plater 2 to navigate your hockey player around the ice. Press enter to pause the game, hit space bar to continue after each goal. Other instructions on how to play Hockey on the Nature online are in the game. How many goals can you score in this awesome hockey game?

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