Ice Hockey 2D 4×4


ice hockey 2d 4x4 Ice Hockey 2D 4×4 is an android game that is also available as a free online demo version. It is a combination of an ice hockey match and a billiard game, which makes the gameplay unique and fun. Play the AHL (Animal Hockey League), challenge your opponents and lead your team to victory. Control a team of four animal hockey players and shoot the puck using a flicking technique. Click and hold your mouse button and drag your cursor into a direction to launch the puck towards the opponent’s goal. Try to aim as precisely as you can, so the puck will reach the net. You can also control your goalie if the puck is in his possession. If you see a purple circle around a player, you can make a super-shot, which is much more powerful. In the Ice Hockey 2D 4×4 full android game, there are two game modes available including the Tournament mode. However, in the online demo version, you can only play the Single Game mode.

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