Ice Hockey Cup 2024


ice hockey cupIce Hockey Cup 2024 is finally here! Enjoy the IIHF World Cup with this cool online game and lead your country to victory! Select one of the available national ice hockey teams and try to score as many goals as possible within the given time limit. There are 8 countries available including the USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Czechia, etc. You will play both on offense and in defense. While playing on offense, click and hold your left mouse button to wind up your shot. Watch the goalkeeper as he moves in the goalpost, then swipe up at the right moment to swing your stick and shoot the puck. You have 10 seconds for each shot. While playing in defense, click and hold your left mouse button, then swipe into any direction to move your goalkeeper and perform a save. Try to score more goals than your opponent to win the match. If the score is tied, you will play an overtime. Can you beat all opponents and become the champion?

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