Puckster’s Star Challenge


pucksters star challenge In the Puckster’s Star Challenge game online, you take the role of the famous Canadian ice hockey mascot and your objective is to participate in an ice skating competition. Puckster has to stay away of Sarah by keeping up his energy while collecting coins and star multipliers for points. Collect 3 green cards for the mini game. Avoid the red cards and evade the obstacles standing in your way. Skate left with your up arrow key, skate right with your down arrow key. Press space bar to jump. Your score and other info are displayed on the top. Puckster has an important message for you: If you play with respect at all times, you will help reduce concussions. So, that means respecting everyone on the ice. Respect the rules, respect the officials and their decisions, respect your opponent. Maintain your self-control at all times. Play by the rules and show respect for your teammates, the opposition, your coaches and your parents.

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