Puppet Hockey Battle


puppet hockey battlePuppet Hockey Battle is a free one-on-one ice hockey game online inspired by the original Puppet Hockey, which is one of the most popular titles on our website! The game features cute big-headed characters and addicting gameplay that will make you hooked in no time! Choose one of the 12 available national hockey teams and compete on the world cup. You can play as the USA, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Germany, etc. Each team comes with a unique jersey and color scheme. Use your left and right arrows to move your player into directions. Press your up arrow to jump. Press F to swing your stick and shoot the puck. Try to aim as precisely as you can to hit the opponent’s goal. Block your opponent’s shots and rebound the puck to gain possession. Score as many goals as possible within the given time limit to win the match. How many matches can you win in this cool ice hockey game online called Puppet Hockey Battle?

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