Rocket Stone


rocket stoneRocket Stone is an indoor field hockey shootout game online with a 2 player mode. You take the role of a forward and your objective is to face an opponent goalkeeper, perform shots and score as many goals as you can. Your player will be shooting from many different positions, which will always change after few shots. Prepare your shot and try to surprise the goalie when he expects it the least. Position the player by moving your mouse cursor to the left and right. Click and hold your left mouse button to start shooting, release the button to set the power of your shot and launch the ball towards the net. You only have 60 seconds time limit to score as many goals as possible. Watch your remaining time and scored goals in the top left corner. All statistics will be displayed after the game. How many times can you beat the opposing goalie and how many goals can you score in Rocket Stone, super cool field hockey game online?

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