Shoot the Puck


shoot the puckShoot the Puck is an interesting target practice competition ice hockey game online. Choose one of the 5 locations (Chicago, New York, Aspen, Toronto, Lake Tahoe) and start playing. Hit as many targets as possible in 10 shots. Each target is worth 50 points. There are 6 targets for you to hit. Earn bonus points for hitting every target and for hitting all 6 targets in 6 shots. You must hit all 6 targets to advance to the next round. Click on the target you would like to hit. Click the power meter at its maximum level. Click the accuracy meter when it is in the center of the green area. Power meter is indicated by the red color, accuracy meter with the green color. Try to time your shot correctly for a maximum strength and accuracy. Your current score, amount of targets you have hit and remaining shots are all shown at the top of the screen. How good will be your aiming skills in this super awesome target shootout hockey game online?

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