Table Hockey Xtreme


table hockey xtremeTable Hockey Xtreme is a new challenging air hockey game online. Choose one of the three difficulty levels, pick the angle of the camera, select the length of the match and start playing. Use your mouse to strike the puck into the goal. Keep your eye on the puck to make sure it doesn’t get past you. The score of the match and remaining time are both displayed on the top center of the screen. There are additional buttons to pause the game or replay the last few seconds of the play. Each match lasts for 3 minutes. The player who has scored more points at the end of the match wins. The Tweakz menu allows you to choose the table angle view, the length of the game and the level of difficulty. There are 2 types of table angles: top and side. You can choose from 3 difficulty levels and 3 lengths of the game. Can you beat your opponent and win as many matches as possible in Table Hockey Xtreme, super cool air hockey game online?

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